About us


Novel Mart was born out of the first lockdown in London by Lucas Nicholson. Whilst on furlough from his job, he was restless and wanted something to keep himself busy! “The plan was to launch a small collection of merch dedicated to the food and drink of Florence. It was due to be international menswear fair, Pitti Uomo, but it had been cancelled, another result of the pandemic. Normally, Pitti is a thriving fair where the dinner and drinks are as important as the meetings. So that was the inspiration for our first collection, to celebrate and remember what we were all missing” says Lucas. 

When the first collection dropped, it captured the imagination of people sitting in their living rooms all over the world. “I think as people hadn't had the opportunity to travel or socialise it just sparked a bit of joy and human connection” Using playful graphics, nostalgic images and vintage advertisements mixed with some funny captions the brands “merch” soon went viral and could be seen gracing the heads of many an influencer and celebrity.

Playing on familiar Ivy League styling points it gives a tongue in cheek nod to classic style, whilst making the onlooker of the wearer double take and smirk, as they realise the sweatshirt or cap is emblazoned with ‘Negroni’ or ‘Spritz’ rather than a prestigious university or brand.

Quickly realising that this was going to be something bigger than making a few caps, Novel Mart began to rapidly build the range to include both popular and niche food, drinks and wines. 

Founded on the innovative production method -“print on demand”- It allowed Novel Mart to grow exponentially. Through this method waste is reduced to near 0%, as every product made is for a specific order and nothing is speculative. There are no sales or heavy discounting of lines that haven't sold. Any sales or discount are born out of generosity, providing brand access points to all customers at different points in the season. 

Novel Mart drops a new tongue-in-cheek collection every month, so keep your eyes peeled on our new in page to see if your favourite food or drink has landed!

Join in! Become a part of Novel Marts community! Tag them in your social media posts #novelmart enjoying your merch and your dinners! Comment on their posts with your next merch request, they are listening! @ your favourite places to eat and drink on their posts, help other people in the world discover the best restaurants, bars and retail!