Last year just before the madness of Christmas we launched a collaboration with one of our favourite restaurants in London, Maison Francois. Maison Francois for those who don’t know is a beautiful French restaurant in the heart of St James.

Having a chat over lunch (or two!) we decided to bring some of their most celebrated dishes in to the Novel Mart world! 

To celebrate the launch of of the collection Maison François held what will be hopefully be the first annual Pâté en Croute off! And invited a host of incredible restaurants from London and beyond to bring in their best attempt at a Pâté en Croute.

The judging panel included esteemed chefs such as Lloyd Grossman. Washed down with a healthy selection of Beaujolais nouveau (another Novel Mart favourite) a great time was had by all! 


The winner of the first competition was none other than the Guinea Grill, the hidden gem of a pub located in the backstreets of Mayfair. 




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